3 Traits Hiring Managers Look for while interviewing

Although Hiring Manager interview processes may vary depending on your industry, there is consistency in the traits that today’s forward-thinking employers are looking for.

Most of the time, while they are asking you questions about specific projects and deliverables, what they are actually assessing is your ‘employability’ and ability to fit into the future of their business. So what are three consistent skills that continue to dominate as an employability essential?


The ability to think logically and display aptitude is key to a Hiring Manager.  Showing them how you apply unique ways of thinking to projects is something they will be looking for in an interview.  A Hiring Manager wants to know you can create new ideas and strategies to drive successful outcomes for their team.


Adaptability is fundamental to the success of any innovative, high-performing organisation.  Business want to hire employees they can invest in and retain, they are drawn to candidates that want to grow their career with their organisation and be involved in creating that path.  Having the ability to challenge the status-quo and displaying resilience when you adjust to new business developments will show you are geared for high-performing results.


Trust is the cornerstone of any successful partnership. Hiring Managers will always be assessing whether or not you display the traits to become a trusted member of their team. They will be looking for someone that is committed to the future success of the team, the organisation’s goals and whether or not they can rely on you.