7 signs it may be time to leave your job

Making a call on when it’s time to leave your job is tough and there are many factors that need to be considered before you take the leap.  But how do you know you’ve reached your limits and it’s time to call it a day? Here are a few key signs that may help you recognise it’s time to move on.

You wake up miserable

It’s normal to wake up on a Monday morning after a relaxing weekend feeling tired, however if you are often waking up feeling dread, stress or anxiety about going in to work then it may be time for you to seriously consider moving on.

Your health is affected

If you have developed headaches, frequent colds, loss of appetite or other physical symptoms associated to stress due to the effects of your work, then it’s clear that your job is having a negative impact on your health. This is a sign that it may be time to find a role that will see you get your health back on track.

Your sleep is affected

Sleep is a very important part of physical and mental health. If your work is keeping you up at night, you have difficulty falling asleep or you wake up worrying then it’s probably time you started considering a change.

You are constantly stressed and unhappy at work

Stress and unhappiness at work can have a negative affect on your quality of life in many ways. Not only can it affect your time while you are at work, it can also affect your personality and personal relationships outside of work hours. If you are constantly unhappy at work (after all well over half of our waking hours a business week are spent there), it may be time to make a change.

Your skills and potential are not being utilised

If your full potential is not being acknowledged or tapped into then career development and job satisfaction are unlikely. Being satisfied at work is important because it helps you feel a sense of worth and purpose. If your skills are not being utilised then it may be time to find a role where they will be.

You’re bored and in stalemate job situation

Stimulation is an extremely important part of any role or opportunity. Your job should leave you feeling satisfied and challenged in a positive way. If you are unmotivated, bored and spend each minute staring at the clock waiting for the day to pass then you may need to find a job that will keep your brain active.

Poor company culture

An organisation’s culture and people are what make for a positive or negative working environment. If your work culture is poor, you feel you are not the right fit for the organisation or you don’t believe in the company then it may be time to find a company that you do want to work for.


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