9 Body Language Mistakes to Avoid at Interview

Meeting with a recruiter or prospective future employer at interview can be daunting.  During this time not only will your verbal communication play an important role in how you present, your non verbal communication and body language will be just as crucial in this time.  So, if you have been called to meet with the hiring manager and you want to make a positive impression, here are nine body language mistakes to avoid when attending an interview.

Weak Handshake

When arriving at a job interview your handshake is the first thing you are assessed on. This is why it is so important to ensure you have a firm, confident handshake. Research has shown that if your handshake is weak or limp, employers will start off with a negative impression of you. It can give the impression that you are unenthusiastic. This leaves you having to win them back during the interview, so always start off on the right foot.

Crossing Arms

Avoid crossing your arms during your interview.  Crossing your arms can make you appear defensive and unapproachable, leaving the interviewer questioning your ability to work cohesively.

Avoiding Eye contact

Although you might be nervous in an interview it’s extremely important to ensure you are maintaining eye contact with your interviewer. Avoiding eye contact can be awkward for the person interviewing you or it may seem as though you have something to hide. Engaging in eye contact will also help you build trust with your interviewer.

Eye Rolling

Rolling your eyes during an interview (even by accident) gives the interviewer the impression that you are unfriendly and rude. Ensure you are always maintaining appropriate eye gestures.

Poor Posture

Poor posture, slouching or hunching over during an interview is associated with low energy levels. Ensure you are sitting up straight to be perceived in a positive light by your interviewer.


Avoid fidgeting.  Fidgeting with a pen in your hand, your resume or something in your pocket can be distracting and create nervous energy.

Not Maintaining Personal Space

Leaning too far forward. Don’t invade the interviewers space, maintain a comfortable space between you and the person interviewing.

Not Smiling

Not smiling during an interview can have a major impact on how the interviewer perceives you. Failing to smile during an interview can make the environment uncomfortable and will leave the impression that you are unfriendly.

Strong Fragrances

Strong Fragrances. In an interview you should limit the amount of perfume or aftershave that you wear to avoid setting off allergies, headaches or by having the chemicals be too overbearing. This can become a distraction for the person you are meeting with.


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