Developing Your Personal Value Proposition

In today’s highly competitive job market, you may want to consider a job application polished with your personal value proposition.

Developing an authentic Personal Value Proposition is a brilliant way to set you apart from the competition. A Personal Value Proposition can be used in your resume, and also tie in to your overall Personal Brand. This includes online Profiles in Social Media (such as LinkedIn), Cover Letters and during an interview setting.

Personal value propositions not only help potential employers understand who you are and what you’re about professionally – including why they should hire you over somebody else – but may empower you to take control of your future, by understanding the kind of organisation and position you’re best suited to.

Defining your personal value proposition

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What value do you offer your employers?
  • How does your skill set or services benefit them?
  • What are your personal and professional strengths? Are there similarities?
  • What types of activities are you naturally drawn to? What do you enjoy?
  • What are your values and beliefs and how do they influence what you do professionally?
  • What do you want to be known or recognised for?

Once you’ve determined what qualities make you a valuable employee, and how to market yourself to potential employers, it’s time to re-write your resume.

Including your personal value proposition on your resume

When it comes to detailing your personal value proposition on your resume you need to think differently.

Consider your resume as your own personal advertisement, a glowing endorsement of who you are and what benefits you offer an organisation.

Detail the circumstances under which you excel

Include the markets where you’ve found success, environments or situations where you’ve thrived, or the target audience that is the most receptive to your work or your service.

Outline where you have been rewarded professionally

Include details of the professional achievements you’re most proud of. Have you received business accolades, recommendations or regular praise in business? What are your business success stories?

Include what makes you stand out from the crowd

Use your resume as an opportunity to give yourself some kudos. Pay respect to yourself by recognising the value and benefit of your industry experience, knowledge and skill set.

Be sure to identify how the particular professional focus you have taken is of value to each potential employer.

In today’s job market, applicants need resumes that are sharp and strategic.

Outshining the competition means being acutely aware of who you are, what you’re good at, and the kind of employers that need you, just as much as you need them.

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Guest Blog Author: Nicole Daws.
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