Taking Your Career Abroad – Advice For Living & Working Overseas

Moving overseas to pursue a new job is an exciting, challenging and rewarding prospect.  According to Australian Government Statistics, at any one time there are about one million Australians living and working overseas.  It is becoming an increasingly popular decision to pursue a career abroad and take an exciting new path of experience and knowledge to London, UK, Europe, America, Canada, Asia and Africa.

Why Moving Overseas can be great for your Career

There are many benefits of moving abroad, as living and working overseas can be great for your career.  A career based in overseas locations can offer people a range of opportunities that may not be available to them in their home country.  This opens the door to roles and opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise be able to pursue and can therefore lead to promotions, higher salary and greater exposure and experience.  Another main benefit of working abroad includes self progression and an increase in global and cultural awareness. Living and working abroad helps shape you and grow you as a person.  It will improve and strengthen your interpersonal skills as a professional.

Working abroad is viewed favorably by potential employers as it shows you are an independent, ambitious, determined, flexible, confident and open-minded professional.

Research the Country you Plan to Live & Work in

It is extremely important to research the country you plan to live and work in prior to relocation. Before relocating you should become familiar with the Country.  Purchase a guide book and search the internet for information about the location.  If possible, visit the location on a holiday prior to relocating. Find out about the political, cultural and economic environment as well as researching local laws to assist you in understanding the environment.

Advice on Securing a Job Abroad

If you plan to relocate before you have secured a job, complete the following steps to help you secure a position.

Step 1 – Complete the visa process

Step 2 – Prepare your Cover Letter and Resume ensuring they are presented in the correct format for that country

Step 3 – Network and create an online profile

Step 4 – Find out what the main Job Search Engines are for the country

Step 5 – Submit applications

Prepare for your new Living & Working Environment

When moving overseas, you should ensure you are properly prepared for your new environment.  To help you to make the transition and allow you to adapt more easily to your new lifestyle of living and working overseas ensure you are familiar with Australian Government advice on http://www.smartraveller.gov.au.


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