How to leverage Social Media to improve your Job Search

As digital connectivity continues to evolve, as does the Social Media landscape in Australia. A recent Sensis social media report has examined how Australian people and businesses are using social media, and this is what they have found:

Sensis data as at June 2016,


In addition, according to Social Media Statistics Australia the number of Social Media users continues to steadily increase and the numbers are currently:

Facebook – 15 Million users (steady)
Instagram – 5 Million Monthly Active Australian users (Facebook/ Instagram data)
Tumblr – 4.4 Million users
LinkedIn – 3.8 Million users
Twitter – 2.8 Monthly Active Australian users
Blogspot– 2.1 Million users

The frequency of Social Media use also continues to steadily increase with the following findings from Sensis Australia

With these statistics in mind, leveraging Social Media in your job search is critical to your career success.  Here are four tips to help get you started.

Maintain a Professional Online Presence

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are great places to promote your education, professional experience and achievements.  Ensuring that your personal brand and professional profiles are positively maintained is crucial.  Check your profile privacy settings and only publicly share information you would want your future employer to see. Choose consistent, professional profile photos as this will help you maintain a professional image.

Follow Company Career Pages

As showcased above, Sensis Australia has identified that the number of Australian Businesses with a Social Media presence is significant.  This includes 48% of small businesses, 54% of medium businesses and 79% of large businesses. Following companies of interest and their career pages will increase your visibility of the latest job opportunities available.

Build Your Professional Network

Growing your professional network and establishing connections can present you with professional opportunities. Connecting with recruiters, hiring managers and professionals within your industry, will assist in enhancing your online network.

Keep up with Industry news

Subscribing to industry news on Social Media is the perfect way to gain exposure to the latest updates and events within your industry. You can receive the latest on trending topics and thought leadership enabling you to gain knowledge and insight.

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