Tips to Help You Prepare For Psychometric Testing

Australian Psychometric Testing

The use of Psychometric Testing as part of the recruitment process within large firms is becoming increasingly popular.  As many as 70% of Large Australian Firms now use some form of aptitude or personality test and these psychometric tests aim to provide Employers with measurable, objective data that can give a better view and help assess a candidate’s suitability to a particular role.  Psychometric tests are used in the initial stages of the Recruitment Process to create a shortlist of candidates or in the final stages of the Recruitment Process to finalise the decision.

Why do Employers use Psychometric Tests?

Employers are using Psychometric testing during the selection process as these tests are believed to offer greater objectivity, reliability and validity when used to assess candidates alongside the interview process.  There are a range of tests used to assess candidates  personalities, behaviours, ability or aptitude and these include; Verbal reasoning, Abstract reasoning, Perceptual ability, Numerical reasoning, Spatial ability, Mechanical ability, Personality Assessments, Emotional Intelligence.

What are Popular Types of Psychometric Testing?

Popular types of Psychometric testing within Australian businesses include; Personality Pathways (Myers Briggs), SHL people performance, The Predictive Index (PI), Hogan Assessments including the following: (HPI) Hogan Personality Inventory (HDS) Hogan Development Survey, (MVPI) Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (HBRI) Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (JUD) Judgement as well as in-house internally developed testing.

How do I prepare for an Online Psychometric Test? 

Understand the Purpose

In order to prepare appropriately you should take the time to familiarise yourself with the purpose of the test, understand why the company is using their particular type of psychometric testing.

Familiarise Yourself with Testing Techniques

To help with your composure on the day of the test, before taking the test you should become familiar with different psychometric testing techniques as it will make you feel more confident on the day.

Positive Physical and Mental State

Be in a Positive Physical and Mental State, ensure you are well rested and alert. Never take the test when you are unfocussed or tired as this will effect your performance and results.

Practice Questions Online

Complete Practice psychometric tests online, this will help you get your skills up to speed and create familiarity with the products.

Practice Timing

Practice working within a planned time frame, as most psychometric tests are timed, it pays to practice under pressure, this will help you balance speed and accuracy.

Refresh Your Skills

Refresh your numeric and verbal reasoning skills to help you answer the questions effectively.

Be Honest

With personality tests ensure you are honest in your assessment answers, this will help prospective employers effectively measure your suitability to the role.

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