Personal Branding Strategies

A Personal Online Brand refers to your professional identity and personal image, especially in relation to your social media profiles and your online presence.  They are visual marketing tools which help you define your professional experience, personal interests as well as your achievements, knowledge and expertise.

Building a professional personal brand and promoting yourself in today’s job market is essential to being noticed by recruiters and employers.  Your brand is also likely to determine future interviews for potential career opportunities.  Although building a personal brand may seem daunting at first, a strong personal and online brand will substantially increase your chances of securing a job with your employer of choice.  Your success will come from building a strong presence and network in your industry.  In fact according to a recent study shared through LinkedIn 93% of employers use social media to recruit talent online as opposed to recruiting through other means.  This demonstrates the importance of an online brand and what it can do for your career progression.

Online Brand Platforms

There are a number of online brand platforms that are used to promote professional identities and personal online branding.

The main online tools platforms include:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Infographic Resumes


In today’s job market, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site, with over 300 Million members in over 200 countries.  Having such a strong presence, recruiters and employers are now using LinkedIn as the first and foremost avenue to seek out qualified candidates. This is why having a strong personal brand on your LinkedIn profile is crucial to your success in the job market.   To ensure your success, your profile must display your professional abilities, core knowledge and expertise as well as personal achievements at first glance.  This will ensure you stand out above your competition.  LinkedIn will allow you to build your network, follow organisations and industry news as well as showcase your endorsements and recommendations.


Twitter has 200 million active users online and is one of the most popular social networking and microblogging services, which allows its users to send and read short text messages.  Over recent years Twitter’s popularity has grown increasingly and many employers are now using Twitter to post current news, messages and job opportunities online.  Twitter’s growing popularity is due to the online platform sharing real time information in a simple and concise format.  As an active job seeker using Twitter can be beneficial as you are able to increase your knowledge through following organisations and influences within your industry of choice.


Facebook has 1.2 Billion users worldwide.  While you may already have a personal Facebook account, if planning to use Facebook to network professionally you may want to consider having a separate professional account or tighten the security setting of your current account.  This will ensure that the boundaries between your private life are not blurred with professional life and your online professional brand.   As with LinkedIn, you can use Facebook to follow organisations of interest and view latest trending news as well as related job advertisements.

Infographic Resumes

Infographic resumes are becoming increasingly popular online and are a great visual representation of your resume, experiences, achievements and personal brand.  An infographic resume can creatively highlight your skills and experience by graphically showcasing your strengths and professional identity.

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