4 Ways to Bridge a Career Gap in your Resume

If you have recently taken a career break to travel, taken time out of the workplace to focus on your family and raise your children or accepted a redundancy due to a corporate restructure, you’re not alone.  It’s very common for experienced professionals to find themselves in one of the scenarios above.  Whatever the reason may be, taking proactive steps to fill the gap and explaining this effectively in your resume is fundamental to your future career success.  If you’re seeking a new career opportunity and ready to re-enter the workforce, here are four things you can do to bridge the career gap in your resume.

Engage in Freelance Opportunities

Technology and the rise of the digital economy has made freelancing an increasingly popular career and lifestyle choice.  It is also progressively being viewed in a positive light by forward thinking employers. Some popular platforms to find freelance opportunities and help bridge the career gap in your resume include Upwork, Freelancer, Ozlance, Flexjobs and Expert360.

Take on Temporary Job Opportunities

Temping or engaging in short term contract work is another way that can help candidates re-enter the workforce after a career break.  If all goes well, temporary opportunities can also be extended, lead to longer fixed term contracts or even a permanent position. It will also allow you to grow your professional networks in the industry and even create new, recent references for your next position.

Complete a Training Course

Attending a training course or participating in industry related learning is also a positive way to fill a resume gap.  Showing that you are a continuous learner and are willing to invest in your own development, by up-skilling your industry related knowledge, is a sought-after quality in a candidate.

Join and engage in industry related seminars/associations

Attending industry seminars is a great way to keep up to date with news and information and allows you to remain actively engaged in your industry.  Being an active member is a great way to open doors for you career through meeting and engaging with valuable connections.  Seminars and industry associations will also help you build credibility.


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