Resume Writing Services: The HR Difference

Hire a Professional Resume Writer (The HR Difference)

Career opportunities and the way in which organisations search for talent in Australia has never been more interesting.  According to a recent Hudson Employment Report, the diversification of media and the rise of the digital evolution means that securing talent is now more complex then ever. Whether you are seeking a promotion, a new job opportunity or a new career path, here are 8 reasons to hire a professional resume writer that has Human Resources Industry knowledge and experience.

Resume writing services with human resources credentials know the industry

Professional resume writing services with top tier Human Resources and Recruitment industry experience know the business, therefore they know what employers are looking for.  Having a professional write your resume is like having an accountant complete your tax return, they are the experts, they know what to include to get you the best results possible.

Professional resume writers know how to get you noticed

Recruiters only spend around 6 seconds looking at your resume before they decide whether or not you will make it through to a shortlist. Resume writing services that have certified HR writers know how to write, polish and structure you resume in the best way possible using the best resume format.

They know how to align your experience using key word optimisation

Standing out from your competition can be difficult when there are a high number of candidates.  A professional with human resources credentials knows how to incorporate key word optimisation into your resume and how to use resume power words to align your industry experience to your preferred position.

Resume writers are surrounded by resumes for a living

Resume writing services with HR experience have screened through thousands of resumes from an employer perspective to pick out the strongest applicants.  They are surrounded by resumes every day and know what it takes to progress to the next stage of interview.  They have an industry perspective that will assist in gaining a competitive advantage.

They can save you time that you may not have to compose your resume

Writing, optimising and editing a high quality resume takes days and getting it right can take weeks for someone who isn’t in the industry.  Professional resume writers know exactly what to include to get you noticed and will take the time to get it right.

Professional resume writers with human resources credentials know what it takes to get the Hiring Manager’s attention

As employees we all have a value proposition, however looking at our own value proposition objectively is not always easy.  Professional resume writers know how to interpret your experience, achievements and value, in a way that will qualify and quantify your employability.

They know the strategy of what to include and what to exclude in your resume

Knowing what to include in your resume to get you noticed by a prospective employer is important, however knowing what to exclude is just as crucial. Certified human resources professional resume writers know what to include and what to leave out in order to help you gain a strategic competitive advantage.

Professional resume writers with human resources credentials know how to identify your value

It’s not always easy to identify our own value, let alone write about it in a strategic way that will get us noticed by employers.  Professional resume writers know how to write a comprehensive resume that emphasises your capabilities, strengths and value add to an employer.


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