What Not to do After an Interview

Recently attended an Interview and not sure what to do Next? Here are 5 things you should avoid when waiting to hear back after a Job Interview.

Don’t Call The Next Day

Being enthusiastic over a job is great but being over the top could potentially damage your chances.   Don’t make the mistake of reaching out to your potential employer too soon. It is best to be patient and avoid the next day call at the risk of being perceived as pushy or annoying.

Don’t Friend Request the Interviewer on Facebook

Although Social Media is used widely in the Job Networking scene, there are still many professionals who prefer to keep their personal Facebook account and professional social media accounts separate. Connecting to your Recruiter or Hiring Manager on Facebook may be perceived as invasive to some due to privacy beliefs and should be avoided. If you would like to connect Post Interview the best medium would be LinkedIn. As the largest professional networking site online, it is by far the better option when reaching out to connect.

Don’t Contact The Hiring Manager to Discuss a Response You Have Re-thought

Many of us have left an interview and thought to ourselves ‘I should have answered that differently’, but resist the urge to contact the Interviewer and discuss that with them. Taking this approach may not be received well and could potentially jeopardise your chances of being successful.

Don’t Harass The Recruiter

The hiring process can often take longer than expected, especially when there are several candidates being considered for a role. Sending constant emails and calling persistently is likely to hurt you rather than help you. Often if you haven’t heard back, it’s because a decision hasn’t been made. If you would like to put your mind at ease and take the guess work out of the process, it is always a good idea to ask the Interviewer how long you should expect to wait to hear back about the decision.

Don’t be Forceful

Recruiters and Hiring Managers will continue to assess your behaviour based on your interactions post interview. This is why it is extremely important not to be forceful in your follow up interactions or you will potentially scare of your prospective employer. Always remain respectful and professional in your dealings.


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