Body Language Tips for Interview

Body Language and nonverbal communication play an enormous role when applying for a new job and meeting your prospective future employer.  In fact, nonverbal communication in business accounts for up to 80% of the impact you make on others.

When meeting with a recruiter or a hiring manager for a job, it’s important to ensure that your nonverbal communication and your body language is in check.  This will help you build rapport and help you make a positive first impression, which will give you a competitive edge, because as we all know, first impressions last.

So how to make a positive first impression?

Confident Handshake

A confident handshake is key to starting off on a positive note. It is important to use ‘the Goldilocks approach’ when shaking a person’s hand that you are meeting for the first time. Your handshake should be firm but not overpowering or too limp.


In order to make a good impression, you should ensure you are standing up straight and sitting without slouching or hunching over. This will demonstrate you are engaged and enthusiastic.

Eye Contact

Although you may be nervous (as so might be the person you are meeting for the first time), it is important to ensure you are engaging in the right amount of eye contact. This includes not looking down when being addressed or when answering questions.

Where to Place Your Hands

It’s natural to feel nervous during an interview, but it’s a good idea to resist the urge to fidget or touch your face.  It’s good practice to clasp your hands loosely on your lap or on the table, as this will be viewed as professional.


Smile when appropriate throughout the interview.  This will ensure you come across as friendly and approachable. It will also help you build rapport with your interviewer.


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