Preparing for a Job Interview: Recruiter Tips

Recruitment processes can be complex and distinguishing yourself as a true asset during an interview is the major determiner as to whether or not you are successful in the role.  Hiring manager’s use a number of questioning techniques including behavioural interviewing, to evaluate and identify whether candidates possess the competencies needed for high performance on the job.

When attending interviews, even the most intelligent applicants on paper can be overlooked based on how they have performed during their interview.  Here are nine recruiter tips to assist you in preparing for your interview.

Promote Your Value

Promoting your value and taking a structured approach in how you deliver answers to interview questions consistently leads to better results in being identified as strong talent for the job.  Demonstrating confidence without any self doubt or confusion about the position will ensure you leave the interview having made a positive impression on the hiring manager and appropriately delivered your message about your expertise.

Understand Your Audience

In order to ensure you present as a high quality candidate, it’s important to research and know your audience.  Ensure you know the names of who will be interviewing you and whether it will be a one on one interview or a panel interview.  It’s also important to know what the interview panel’s roles are in the organisation and what role that will play in relation to the job in question.

Research The Company

It is crucial to research the organisation prior to attending an interview.  This will ensure you are not caught out unexpectedly on the day.  Arriving at an interview prepared with an understanding of the history of the organisation and what it stands for, will also allow you to present as a candidate who is committed and genuinely interested in the opportunity and becoming part of the organisation.

Research The Job

It is also important to research information about the role in order to ascertain whether it is a replacement position or a newly created position.  This will assist in enabling you to articulate the way in which your qualifications, experience and professional achievements can add value to the organisation.

Be Early

Punctuality is key to commencing on a positive note.  Time your arrival so that you arrive between 5-10 minutes prior to your interview start time.

Dress for a Positive Impression

When attending an interview it is important to dress appropriately for the role.  If the role is within a corporate setting a suit and a tie for men is always in good taste.

Practice Interviewing

As interviews can be daunting, it’s a good idea to take the time to practice some interview questions to assist you in being more prepared on the day.

Prepared Cohesive Questions

What you ask during an interview and how you phrase the questions makes a big difference in the quality of information you will receive and how you will be perceived by the hiring manager.  Preparing well thought out, cohesive questions will assist in cementing a positive lasting impression.

Take the Time to Say Thank You

Taking the time to say thank you at the conclusion of the interview is always favourable and displays good professional etiquette.

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