7 Tips to Help You With Your Job Search

Job Hunting can be a challenge for all of us and when searching for your dream job it can prove very time consuming. However, the good news is finding the right opportunity that is a perfect match for your skills and experience is possible. Here are 7 Tips to help you Focus on a Successful Job Search and position yourself to effectively secure that new role.

Online Presence

Ensure you have an online presence. Job Search Boards and Social Media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can account for up to 90% of hires as all of the latest Job Opportunities are posted on online via websites and Social Media Forums. This means that ensuring you have an online presence can greatly assist you with your search for a new job.


It’s important to effectively network, both at Formal face-to-face Networking Events and via LinkedIn by making professional connections. Networking within your industry helps broaden your horizons and will greatly assist you in gaining insider information and knowledge that will assist you in your Job Search.


Researching the company you are applying to is fundamental to your success. Before you make the decision to hit the submit button or attend an interview ensure you have appropriately researched the organisation and understand what you can offer.

Apply Strategically

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of searching on Job Boards reading Job Titles that sound relevant and submitting a stack of applications without properly reviewing the role or the organisation. The best approach to take when Job Hunting is to ensure you are applying strategically to roles you really want. This will minimise the amount of time wasted by you or organisations you may not be suited to.

Maintain a Professional Distance

Showing you are interested in important, however there is a line that you should never cross and that is being labelled the “Stalker Candidate”. Being too persistent can overwhelm Recruiters and Hiring Managers and can be seen as unprofessional, so ensure you always maintain a professional distance throughout the job hunting process.

Customise Your Application

Applications with a strong Cover Letter and Resume are vital to making a great first impression. Ensure you always customise your application and that it is relevant to the role you are applying to.

Positive Approach

Although Job Searching can be challenge ensure you maintain a positive approach. A Positive attitude will help you shine through when engaging with Recruiters and Prospective Future Employers, making you pleasant to be around thus increasing your chance of landing the job.


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