5 Reasons the Recruiter Didn’t Progress Your Resume

You have the experience for the job. You have prepared your resume and cover letter. You have submitted your application (on schedule), so why can’t you make it passed the recruiter? Here are 5 reasons why recruiters won’t progress your application.

You haven’t presented your experience properly

Presenting an authentic and impressive version of yourself in a resume is not easy. Not only do you need to try and fit years of experiences and achievements into just a few pages, you are also expected to be a perfect fit for a company’s strategy, goals and culture. Recruiter’s (and applicant tracking systems) look for key words to help them quickly and effectively match candidates to specifics jobs, and they do so within seconds. If you haven’t taken the time to present your resume, cover letter and achievements in a way that correlates to the role you are applying to, it’s likely your application will be overlooked.

Employment Gaps

Recruiter’s look for reliability and commitment when screening resumes, which is why they often pass on applicants who have unexplained employment gaps. Nowadays, it is very common to take career breaks, sabbaticals and time off to travel, however these gaps need to be explained. If you do have any employment gaps in your resume, take the time to explain what it was you did or achieved during that period.

You appear overqualified

When you have a substantial amount of experience, displaying it effectively on your resume without seeming overqualified can be a challenge.   It’s important to ensure you are selling yourself and displaying how your skills are transferable and relevant to the role you are applying to.

Attention to Detail

Recruiters are often bogged down with hundreds of resumes to screen through in a given week. This means they learn to speed read, so correct grammar, spelling and proper use of the English language is essential to your application making it passed the recruiters desk. If you have recently written your resume, or had some help having it written for you, always ensure it is checked over by a second set of eyes for accuracy.

There’s a stronger candidate

Although it can be hard for us to realise from an outsider perspective there are many factors that contribute to an organisation’s hiring process.   Often when we apply for jobs we are up against some really strong candidates who may have held exactly the same role with a direct competitor or an internal candidate who has been acting in the position for several months. Whatever the reason, sometimes the fact of the matter may simply be that for this particular role there was another candidate who was stronger than you. At some point or another it happens to all of us, don’t be discouraged, concentrate your efforts on your next potential opportunity.

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