7 Things You Should Remove From Your Resume

Resumes are the gateway to your next career opportunity, so ensuring the right information is provided is crucial to your success.  What you choose to remove from your resume is just as important as the information you provide.  Below are seven items that if removed from your resume can improve your chances of securing your next career opportunity.

A Photo of yourself

When it comes to Professional Services roles, photos should be saved for your LinkedIn Profile rather than your resume. Photos distract recruiters from reviewing your qualifications and suitability for the role. Instead, it draws attention to elements about you that are irrelevant to the job you are applying for such as your pose and your outfit. Candidates who should include a photo are those who are required to as part of their portfolio such as in entertainment.

Your Referee Contact Details

Listing references and their contact details on a resume at application stage is quite a dated concept. Sending in your application is quite early in the piece to be providing them as when the employer is ready to conduct reference checks they will contact you to discuss this. (This also gives you an opportunity to give your references a heads up right before they receive the call so that they are not caught off-guard).

Date of birth

Recruitment decisions based on age are illegal in Australia. Providing your date of birth on your resume may open you up to unnecessary judgement, so best to leave it off and let your experience and achievements do the talking for you rather than a number.

Your work email address

It’s always in good taste to list a personal email address rather than your current work email address on your resume. This sends the message that you are ethical and moral and don’t use paid work time to conduct a personal job hunt.

An unprofessional Email Address

If you are using an email address you have had for years such as Summer_babe@hotmail.com, now is the perfect time to create a new one! Amateur email addresses can be viewed as unprofessional by employers.

Hobbies that wont support your application

If you have a hobby that isn’t going to add value to the job application, or may cause unnecessary judgement about you then it’s best to leave it off. Unrelated hobbies and interests can draw attention away from what’s really important – what you have to offer the company professionally.

Ancient work experience that is no longer relevant

Ensuring your resume is as succinct and as relevant as possible is extremely important when it comes to your resume, especially when you are competing against other applicants for the role. If you are well into your career you may want to consider trimming off jobs that may no longer be relevant to your industry or career goals.


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