How to Write a Resume: Recruiter Tips

Want to master your resume but not sure where to start?  Here are some winning hints and tips for your pathway to resume success.

Resume Font

On average, recruiters spend approximately 6 seconds on a resume screen before they decide whether to continue to read on or decline your application. The right resume font is vital to make a positive impact at first glance. The font you choose for your resume should be visually enticing and easy to digest. Selecting a size that is comfortable to read is also important. Arial, Calibri and Verdana are great examples of suitable resume fonts.

Resume Format

Layout is an extremely important element of resume writing. Cramped resumes that are too busy and poor resume formatting will see your job application end up in the unsuccessful pile. Always use an appropriate amount of white space to make it reader friendly and legible. Maintain a professional design, and use minimal text boxes and graphics or an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) may distort the format.

Elevator Pitch

Your resume is given a very short window to impress a Recruiter or Hiring Manager. An elevator pitch, also known as an impressive career summary is key to selling your skills. Always be sure to flaunt your talents and accomplishments.

Awards and Achievements

Your resume needs to validate how you will provide value add to your employer. Showcasing your awards and achievements in your resume will help differentiate you, by demonstrating that you are a high performing professional who is capable of exceeding company expectations.

Education and Training

Highlighting your education and training adds value to your resume, particularly when it’s a pre-qualifier for a certain position. It will also add to your resume by cementing your background and knowledge.

Industry Key Words

The power of industry related key words will help your showcase your corresponding experience. This will assist in having your resume jump out at the resume screening stage, as these industry terms will resonate with the Recruiter and Hiring Manager. It is also vital in enabling you to stand out above other applicants.

Relevant Experience

Selecting only relevant information for the role you are targeting is key to your success, as choosing what to omit from your resume is just as important as what to include. Including information that isn’t relevant or too much ‘fluff’ will see you lose the reader’s attention.

Tailor Your Resume

Generic applications are unlikely to resonate with Recruiters and Hiring Managers. Always pay attention to the finer details required for the role in the advertisement and then demonstrate how you are unmistakably the man or woman for the job. This will help align your application and get you noticed.

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