Body Language Tips for Interview

Body Language and nonverbal communication play an enormous role when applying for a new job and meeting your prospective future employer.  In fact, nonverbal communication in business accounts [...]

How to Get Passed Resume Robots

What is a Resume Robot? AKA, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? An Applicant Tracking System is a Recruitment Software Application used by Human Resources and Recruiters that enables them to [...]

What Not to do After an Interview

Recently attended an Interview and not sure what to do Next? Here are 5 things you should avoid when waiting to hear back after a Job Interview. Don’t Call The Next Day Being enthusiastic over a [...]

10 Resume Mistakes You Should Avoid

When applying for a new job, it is important that your resume represents you in the best possible way, so that it can pass the Recruiter’s test.  Resumes that are submitted with basic errors can [...]

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