How to Reboot Your Career After a Redundancy

If you’ve recently been made redundant from your organisation, you’re not alone.  According to a recent report by economist Ann Vourc’h, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, on average 2.3% of Australian employees are made redundant each year.  And, while it may have come as a shock if you weren’t expecting it, it’s important to note that statistics also indicate over 70% of these Australians secure jobs in less than a year.  So if you’ve recently been made redundant and are looking to reboot your career quickly, here’s how to make it work for you.

Identify what you would like to do next

New beginnings are the perfect time to reset your future goals.  Consider your best options for future success and create a formal plan of attack. This will ensure you remain on track and have a strategy to help you get there.

Get your resume in order

Creating a new resume that will help you get noticed will be crucial to your success.  When applying for a job, ensure your cover letter and resume are updated to specifically target that particular role.  If you aren’t sure if your resume is competitive enough, consider enlisting the help of a resume expert.  This will significantly improve your chances of securing a role.

Reach out to your networks

Reaching out to your network of friends and colleagues is a great way to gain support and also gain some momentum in your job search.  Letting them know that you are currently seeking opportunities means they will also be looking out for you and this can open up the doors to some positive leads.

 Don’t get turned off by rejection

Finally, remaining positive is key to success.  It’s important to remain focussed and not let any missed opportunities set you back.  If you are rejected for a role, don’t take it personally.  Use the experience as a learning curve of how to improve your application or interview skills and apply that knowledge to the next opportunity.


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